Thursday, July 14, 2016

UT Student Paints "The Rock" to Honor Pat Summitt

As the life and legacy of Coach Pat Summitt are being celebrated Thursday night, a special tribute was made on campus in her honor. Artist and rising UT senior Payton Miller says it took about seven hours to spray paint the mural on "The Rock."

“I hope it’s a good way to commemorate Pat and it’s a proud moment for me as artist,” said Miller.

Miller says she normally doesn’t sketch her paintings but she wanted to make sure this one looked extra perfect. The UT senior described how she’s able to accomplish all the details.

“I did a couple of sketches to come up with this, so I started at 9:30 last night with about 30 cans of spray paint and worked till 4:30 this morning,” said Miller.

“I go in from the beginning and do some color blocking, outline first, then block color then I go in with details,” said Miller. “I also do highlights and low lights and with each painting I do I learn a little more about how to do it especially with faces.”

Miller says Pat Summitt is the first woman she has painted on "The Rock."

“I think if anyone deserves to be tributed on "The Rock," it’s definitely Pat Summitt,” said Miller.

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