Monday, October 30, 2006

Lady Vol Quotes On Media Day


General comments on the Team: "Right now, I think our team is just making that needed improvement. That's what you want to do. Just make a little bit of progress each day. We had a good scrimmage on Sunday. That was the first time we put different combinations on the floor. We learned a lot, so it was good. Some of it wasn't all that impressive, but it gives us a gauge of where we are and what we need to do. We'll go back today and try to really tighten up our transition defense. Playing against practice squads was great experience because they really pushed the tempo on us and really spread the floor, so that was challenging. I thought that for the most part, we did some good things offensively. Our defense has to get a lot better. Rebounding in particular. We were very inconsistent on the boards. I like the quickness of our team. Shannon Bobbitt has really done an outstanding job of coming in, being vocal and being a leader, and just being a take-charge person. With Cait out right now, that is really important. Alexis [Hornbuckle] is going to back up Shannon at the head point guard position. She'll obviously be starting in the number two spot. That gives us two good point guards that understand how to push tempo and can also bring some pressure for us defensively."

On the starting lineup this year: "I would say our starting five would obviously be Shannon and Alexis in the backcourt, [Candace] Parker and [Nicky] Anosike inside and [Sidney] Spencer at the three. I think the good combination there with the three-four-five is that you have Parker who can play on the wing. Spencer looked great at the four. I think we have some options there in terms of how we play offensively and defensively. I like Sidney at the four. Obviously, Candace is a three, four, and five. She can play multiple positions, so I think that gives us a good front line look."

On Cait McMahan's progress: "She's doing great. You don't ever have to worry about her working hard. You would be more concerned that she would over train and that is something she has to be very mindful of. She has been great in her rehab. Jenny Moshak went with her for her check-up today and she is right on schedule. We don't want to try to push her to get ready for these exhibition games, but hopefully she will be ready for our opener against Chattanooga. "

On Parker: "I think Candace has been much more assertive at both ends, and defensively that would be huge for us. I think this team has the chemistry early. They know that they are going to face some adversity. I do think Candace is providing a better example in her play on both ends of the floor. With her experience with the World Championship Team, she has gotten a lot better. She has every reason to have tremendous confidence, and I think that filters throughout our team."

On defense: "We'll definitely hit defense hard and stay on it. This team has the speed and quickness to be very disruptive with their defense. It has to be a priority. With Shannon and Alberta [Auguste], I think the look of our team has changed defensively. In my opinion, Alex Fuller is the most improved basketball player and she's going to help us more defensively this year because she's a lot more mobile and wider on her feet. Again, you have to give her credit for the off-season she's had. You take that look and then, obviously with Candace and Nicky, we cover a lot of ground. We are just a quicker basketball team. I like the speed and the quickness because with that you can do a lot more things defensively and be a lot more creative and hopefully create more opportunities."

On the team's speed last year: "What we saw at the end of last season wasn't something I would describe as speed. I think we knew we were handicapped with Alexis' wrist. Shanna had to play the point and Candace had to play out of position and run the point as well. We just didn't have the overall speed. But you have to give this team credit for what they accomplished having to really adjust our philosophy from how we would like to play the game to how we needed to play the game to be successful. That is what great teams should do. Adjust when they have to adjust. When I look back, I think it was outstanding that they could go down and win that Southeastern Conference tournament. That was a tough run for us. I thought that really gave us some momentum going into postseason. We didn't exactly play the way we wanted to play. We couldn't extend our defense. We had to be a lot more creative in the half court, both offensively and defensively. "

On Parker as a team leader: "I definitely think Candace will step up. She has been more vocal in practice. I think she has certainly demonstrated what she can do on the floor, but I think she can also influence her teammates with just staying in touch with them. Whether it's from the bench or on the court, she certainly provides that kind of leadership. It brings a lot of stability to our basketball team. I think she and Shannon have really connected, which is a good thing. "

On Parker's Summer Experience: "I think, without question, Candace came back more confident in her game, more assertive and more physical in the paint. She had always been one to initiate contact. It's great to see her really post up and get on the block. It's tough for anyone to defend her one-on-one inside. She's going to draw a lot of double-team situations. She can really pass well out of that. In the college game, I would expect her to be double-teamed a tremendous amount in the post."

On the team's attitude this year versus last year: "I'll say this about the team's attitude, I think that the off-season pretty much told the tale about how they responded to not going to a Final Four. They got in the gym and worked really hard as a basketball team. That's when you win championships. This team really got a lot of workouts, took a lot of time to play pick-up and worked on their offensive skills. I thought that was a good indication that they will not take a Final Four for granted. We had been to four consecutive. Sidney and Dominique [Redding] didn't know what it was like not to go until we got beat in the Regional Finals last year. I think that really opened our eyes. There is no guarantee that it is going to happen every year. You have to make it happen. Your plan of attack should be to get better in the off-season."

On the pressure on Parker as a freshman last year: "I thought Candace handled it very well. You hope great players want to be in that position. Clearly, Candace wants to be in that position. She wants to be the go-to player. She's not a player that is going to do anything but step up. I like having a player like that. When you have one on your team, it really gives you an opportunity to make everyone around you better because of the attention she'll receive. Just like late in the SEC Championship game, there was no doubt she wanted that ball. When she came to the huddle I knew she wanted the ball. Obviously, she made the big shot at the end."

On the concern for Candace over the summer: "You're always concerned. When they go away for the summer you are concerned about the injuries and when they come you're concerned about them "hitting the wall," so to speak. That is why we gave her the time off. Candace is the type of player who loves the game and will take time off, but doesn't want to take a lot of time off. Just because of how she approaches the game, I feel good about where she is right now. I feel good about her going through this season and being challenged, but still being motivated. "

On the junior college transfers: "I think Shannon Bobbitt has been really impressive in her willingness to take on a vocal leadership role for our team. She always takes responsibility for what happens on the floor whether it's her fault or not. She is a true point guard. I have seen enough to know that we're going to be able to score more points in transition and off of our defense because of her presence. Same goes for Alberta Auguste. Alberta's the type of player that likes to play defense and has an aggressive mindset on the offensive end. I think the two of them have made a big difference already in what we want to do in terms of our defensive scheme and up-tempo basketball. I'm excited about what both Alberta and Shannon bring to our team. It's going to be a different look for us from a year ago just in terms of the pace of the game and the way we extend our defense and get after people and hopefully generate offense off of our defense."

SENIOR Elizabeth Curry

On the transition from a manager to a player: "It is obviously two different worlds, but at the same time it's something I got to see the last few years. I definitely respect the girls coming into it. I know the work they put in, but now I get to see it from a different side. It's definitely a challenge, but I'm excited. I'm looking forward to whatever the team and coach asks of me."

On the thought of playing for the Lady Vols when choosing to come to UT: "I had thought about it when I was in junior high school, but when I was in high school I was looking into Division III schools. I looked at UT for pre-veterinary medicine or basketball, but definitely from just the manager's standpoint."

On being a Lady Vol: "It's a dream come true, but it's a dream I hadn't thought about and hadn't seen. I am definitely excited and it's going to be a fun challenge."

SENIOR Dominique Redding

On taking on a leadership role as a senior: "Obviously I'm in a leadership position. I just have to go out there and work hard everyday to set a good example. My personal goal this season is to play real hard. The last three years I have underachieved in my eyes. I had a great summer working out, so I just want to go out and prove to myself that I can play. My goal for this team this season is to win every game; just play each game one game at a time and not to look ahead. I've learned not to take anything for granted. I have learned a lot."

SENIOR Sidney Spencer

On being a senior: "Being a senior is different because I'm looked to more as a leader and to serve in that role. I have more responsibility off the court as well. I have to make sure I know when practice is, and stuff like that, so I can help my teammates do the things we all need to do to be successful. I'm just trying to lead by example and go hard every play in practice to prepare for the season."

On missing the 2006 Final Four and how it will affect the attitude of the team this season: "Well, from the get-go this season we have to focus on taking each game one game at a time. We can't overlook any team, not that we do anyway, because a loss here or there can have a great effect in our conference and in who appears in our NCAA bracket to get to the Final Four. Every game matters, and we need to make sure we go out and take care of business each and every time."

On the newcomers: "Something we were missing last year was a true point guard. Alexis is awesome, but should be allowed to create more as a shooting guard. Having Shannon and Cait come in frees her up more to do just that. They've both done really well being the quarterback of our team. They all are always watching film and trying to get better. Alberta brings great effort, gets to the rim, rebounds well and gets steals. Nicci will be a great 3-4 player and provides us with a versatile presence at that position."

JUNIOR Nicky Anosike

On her expanded role after the graduation of Tye'sha Fluker: "We definitely miss Tye, she was getting 10 points and several boards a game. I know I need to pick up the slack and pick up where she left off. Hopefully I can do a little more. I had the defense going last year, but if I could just find the offense, I think I could help the team out a whole lot."

On how she feels going into the season: "I feel good. I feel like I'm in great shape. Last year I felt like I was in pretty good shape too, but I think I was able to work on more of my individual game this summer. Last summer I played international ball and didn't get a chance to do that as much."

On the areas she has worked on the most: "Definitely my face-up game and extending my range as far as my jump shot, and just working on getting as many easy points as I can. Basically that means free throws and easy layups, stuff like that."

On the increased speed of the team: "We definitely added some speed and quickness on the perimeter. That's definitely going to change the tempo. It's going to change my role. Last year I had to step out and guard on the perimeter. We have other people who can do that now. It's definitely going to change our style of play."

JUNIOR Alberta Auguste

On preparing for the season: "Over the summer, I did a lot of conditioning. I came here in June and took some summer classes. I worked out with the other transfer, Shannon Bobbitt, and Alexis Hornbuckle. I'm just ready for it now. I feel like I put a lot work into conditioning so now its time to play basketball."

On a game she is particularly excited about: "I really don't care about who we play or in what month. It doesn't really matter to me, I'm just ready. I take it one game at a time. "

On team chemistry: "The team chemistry is good. We get along with each other really well. We just have to bring it on the court. Off the court we have good chemistry and on the court we have good chemistry. We just gel together. If we keep it like that through the season, we won't have any problems this year."

JUNIOR Shannon Bobbitt

On the upcoming season: "I'm definitely excited about this year. Being a junior college transfer, it is definitely an honor for me to be here. I'm looking forward to every single game that we play, starting on Wednesday. This year, we are going to have quickness and speed so we will have a chance to win it all. "

On being a Lady Vol: "I'm playing at one of the top programs and playing for Pat [Summitt]. That shows that there is a great future for me."

On preparing: "We've been communicating with each other on and off the court, getting familiar with each other, forming a bond. We've just been enjoying each other. The chemistry is great. Everyone plays their own type of style, but everyone gives whatever they can to the whole team. We're going to be great."

On the preseason rankings: "I really don't care about being the underdog as long as we finish on top."

JUNIOR Alexis Hornbuckle

On the change in her role with the increased speed on the team: "I think we've got a lot more quickness across the board with Shannon and Bird. Their quickness and tenacity is going to help us a lot. I'm a little bit happier to be playing on the wing. It's challenging being a point guard for Pat Summitt. But at the same time, it brings so much character out of you that you didn't even know was a part of you. It helps you out in many ways, but the wing position is my natural position. I like playing the wing because I can get out and run. I don't have to worry about coming to the ball necessarily. I'm looking forward to seeing how different of a player I am this year."

On playing point guard for Tennessee: "It puts you in check because you have to think about every move. At point guard for Pat Summitt, you are the floor coach. So everything that happens falls back on you whether it's your fault or not. You have to be mentally tough and prepared to take it. It's constructive criticism, but at the same time, if you're not used to it, it could easily break you down."

On what the team learned last season: "We definitely learned that nothing is guaranteed. I know when I was younger, you'd always say, `Oh, Tennessee's automatically going to be in the Final Four.' Last year put everything into perspective as far as knowing that you have to work for everything you want. I think this year we took that into consideration in the summer and especially in the preseason, just getting in the gym and working on individual games and trying to pull everybody together as a team."

On avoiding overconfidence: "It's not that we walked on the floor knowing that the win is guaranteed, we knew we had to go out there and work for it. But in the end, no matter how we played, we might have thought we were going to come out on top. This year, we know that we can't take possessions off, we can't have that mentality."

On her wrist: "My wrist is doing pretty well. It doesn't quite feel the same, but I can go out there and play without a brace. Sometimes if I fall wrong or if a ball is thrown too hard and I catch it a certain way, it stings a little bit. But it will be interesting to see how it holds up throughout the season."

SOPHOMORE Candace Parker

On the end of last season: "Our goal is to win a national championship. We definitely had a great team. One thing I learned from last year is that every possession and every game is important."

On working hard in the off-season: "Training has been in the back of our mind since we lost to North Carolina. We've been working on putting up shots, working on our positions and putting ourselves in game situations."

On the work-out routine with the U.S. team: "I learned a lot. (Former Lady Vol Tamika) Catchings and I used to go lift. International games are a lot more physical."


Thoughts on the upcoming season: "I'm really excited about this season. I think we're a quicker team this year, so we'll be able to push the ball more. I like playing with the newcomers."

On the newcomers: "Shannon and (Alberta) bring quickness, they're both quick guards that like to push the ball. Nicci is a body inside and a good rebounder. Cait is a leader at the point, and she is very physical."

On working hard during the offseason: "I was here for a month, but I did most of my offseason work at home. I didn't really have a set plan. I just shot a lot, played some pick-up games. It's made me feel more comfortable with my shot, and it has me comfortable handling the ball and doing things that I'm not used to doing."


On how she feels going into the season: "(The knee) is doing great. I'm ready to go for the season. I am very excited. It's probably the most excited I've ever been to play basketball in my life."

On being a Lady Vol: "It means a lot for me to be a Lady Vol. It means even more to me because I grew up so close to UT."

On the biggest surprise so far at UT: "It's taken a lot of effort to get used to the speed difference. It's a tough adjustment going from high school to college, but I'm getting used to it."

FRESHMAN Nicci Moats

On college life: "It has been a very big adjustment. I was really home sick at first but it's really been great. The team and coaches have really helped me feel comfortable down here. I think the biggest adjustment has been the pace of the game because the last game I played was a high school game. Playing in college at a big school was probably the biggest adjustment."

On being on a team with a legendary coach: "I love it. It's been my dream, and right now, I am honored to be on this team."

On what she has learned since being at UT: "I've learned a lot of mental things. A lot of the little things, like rebounding and boxing out, I've just realized are a big part of the game. I'm not just focusing on scoring and the points."

On her strengths as a player: "I definitely think rebounding will be a big thing for me, using my size. I know that is one of the reasons the coaches recruited me and hopefully I can just live up to my expectations and potential."

On being at Tennessee: "At first, I was intimidated by a big school, but then once I came down here, I was so comfortable with the fans and just the support that you have. I think I will play so much better with the loud fans and crowds, so I am excited."

Spencer: "Lady Vols Are A Work In Progress"

Spencer: "Lady Vols Are A Work In Progress"

When Tennessee Lady Vol senior forward Sidney Spencer was asked about the prospects of her 2006-07 basketball team, she responded by stating that the team was "a work in progress, but nobody should push us aside."

Of course, with five newcomers on the roster this season including the first two junior college transfers (forward Alberta Auguste and 5'2" point guard Shannon Bobbitt) in almost three decades combined with the task of replacing five players from last season - Tye'sha Fluker and Shanna Zolman to graduation and the decisions by Sybil Dosty, Sa'de Wiley-Gatewood and Lindsey Moss to transfer to other universities, the Lady Vols will indeed have a different look when the team makes their season debut Wednesday night hosting Carson-Newman College in an exhibition game at Thompson-Boling Arena.

Nevertheless, the off season changes didn't prevent the Lady Vols from being a unanimous choice to win the Southeastern Conference championship during last week's media gathering in Birmingham.

It was also no surprise that sophomore All-American Candace Parker, the youngest member of Team USA that won the bronze medal at the recent world championships, was unanimously acclaimed the Player of the Year.

After the season ended in a loss to eventual national runner-up North Carolina at March's Cleveland Regional Final, Spencer and her remaining teammates - fellow senior Dominique Redding, juniors Nicky Anosike and second team All-SEC selection Alexis Hornbuckle as well as Parker and her classmate Alex Fuller wasted little time in preparing for the upcoming season.

From informal practices in April, gym workouts in June and pickup games in July that sometimes included members of the men's team, the ladies held each other accountable for being prepared for the official workouts that began earlier this month.

Spencer, the 6'3" forward from Hoover, Ala., who established herself as a Lady Vol sharpshooter last season with her career high 21 point performances against heated rival Connecticut and conference foe Louisiana State, revealed that UT coach Pat Summitt has conducted practices a bit differently this go-around.

"She wants us to pay attention to details," Spencer said. "We have been working on game situations instead of drills. We haven't done a lot of that in the past, but now I think we are going to be a couple of steps ahead defensively."

Spencer has a warning for Lady Vol opponents who were at wit's end last season on how to cope with Parker who rewrote the NCAA and Tennessee record books by becoming the first female to perform two slam-dunks in a tournament game, scoring in double figures in 33 of 36 games and placing 13th in all-time UT career blocks with 86 for starters.

"She's improved on her turnaround jump shot and that was something she really wanted to work on," Spencer stated.

"I definitely would not want to play against her. I am so glad she's on my team," she added.

Spencer is also excited about the additions of Bobbitt ("She is quick and I like her leadership and communication") and Auguste ("A great defender") as well as freshmen Cait McMahan from Maryville's Heritage High and Nicci Moats along with senior walk-on Elizabeth Curry, who was head manager last season.

Bobbitt, who joins the Lady Vols from Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Tex., was the 2006 Women's Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) Junior/Community College Player of the Year and a Kodak All-American.

She averaged 7.53 assists per game to rank third in the nation with a total of 211 and averaged 16.4 points per game in leading Trinity Valley to a 30-2 record.

Auguste, a 5'11" guard/forward, was the nation's second leading NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association) scorer averaging 23.6 points per game at Central Florida Community College in Ocala and third in steals with an average of just over five per outing.

McMahan, who is currently sidelined for an unannounced period due to recent knee surgery, scored a record 2,315 points in her career at Heritage while racking up numerous national, state and district honors.

Despite having knee surgery during her senior season at Lord Botetourt High School in Daleville, Virginia, the 6'2" Moats averaged 15.4 points and 11.3 rebounds throughout her playing days.

Spencer is ready for her final season as a Lady Vol, but said that while she will miss the presence of her best friend Zolman on the court, she also knows that the newlywed is nearby for advice.

"Having her at my access has been being a phone call or a short drive away," she said.

"It's been good to see how I've grown with her and to be now applying it by myself. She has helped me so much."

Spencer also has the greatest praise for her head coach Summitt, the legend who will be starting her 33rd season at the Lady Vol helm on the court named in her honor.

"She has taught me what it means to be a real woman of character. On the court you learn all the aspects of being a great team player and what it means to have communication, discipline and accountability. Off the court, she has taught us to be respected women and that is something I cherish."

However, when all is said and done, Spencer, who wears jersey number one and is a devout Christian who traveled to Belize, Brazil and the Dominican Republic this summer, knows her priorities.

"The most important thing I have learned is that it is not all about basketball and winning," she said. "It's about me playing for God and basketball is a platform for Him."

Friday, October 27, 2006

Lady Vols Picked First In SEC

The Tennessee Lady Vol basketball team was selected to finish first in the conference in a unanimous vote by the media on Thursday at the Southeastern Conference Media Days in Birmingham, Ala. Sophomore hoopster Candace Parker led the way for the Big Orange with a selection as the unanimous choice for SEC Player of the Year.

Nineteen media voted in Thursday's preseason SEC picks. Georgia and Louisiana State were tabbed to finish second and third, respectively, behind the Orange and White.

Parker garnered preseason SEC Player of the Year honors and was also named to the preseason All-SEC First Team, after receiving first team accolades from the league's coaches on Monday. The Naperville, Ill., native and Sylvia Fowles (LSU) were the only two unanimous first team selections, according to the media.

Already chosen to the coaches All-SEC second team, Alexis Hornbuckle - the Lady Vols top defensive player - returns for her junior campaign with a spot on the media's preseason All-SEC second team.

Six-time SEC Coach of the Year Pat Summitt has guided Big Orange to 13 SEC regular season crowns and 12 SEC Tournament Championships, including victories over regular season titlist LSU for the league tournament championship in 2005 and 2006. Tennessee claimed the regular season crown every year from 1998 to 2004.

The Lady Vols tip off the season with an exhibition contest against Carson-Newman at 7:00 p.m. on November 1 in Thompson-Boling Arena.

Team Preseason Rankings
2. Georgia 48
3. LSU 51
4. Vanderbilt 85
5. Kentucky 91
6. Florida 126
7. Ole Miss 146
8. Auburn 150
9. South Carolina 163
10. Arkansas 182
11. Alabama 203
12. Mississippi State 218

All-SEC First Team (Listed by Vote Total)
* Candace Parker, TENNESSEE 19
Sylvia Fowles, LSU 19
Tasha Humphrey, Georgia 18
Armintie Price, Ole Miss 17
Sha Brooks, Florida 7
All-SEC Second Team (Listed by Vote Total)
Dee-Davis, Vanderbilt 6
Cori Chambers, Georgia 3
Carly Ormerod, Kentucky 2
DeWanna Bonner, Auburn 1
Alexis Hornbuckle, Tennessee 1
Carla Thomas, Vanderbilt 1
Angel Robinson, Georgia 1
Player of the Year
* Candace Parker, TENNESSEE 19

Friday, October 13, 2006

2006-07 Lady Vol Hoops Kicks-Off Practice

Five newcomers joined five returnees for the opening day

The 33rd edition of Tennessee Lady Vol basketball with head coach Pat Summitt at the helm took to the court tonight at Stokely Athletics Center, under the watchful eye of a contingent of fans, for its first official practice of the 2006-07 season.

Five newcomers joined five returnees for the opening day. Senior Sidney Spencer, a 6'3" forward from Hoover, Ala., was excused from practice to attend the wedding of former Lady Vol teammate Shanna Zolman, who is getting married on Saturday in Indiana. Spencer is in the wedding party.

The practice was punctuated with precision as 6'4" sophomore All-American Candace Parker returned to the court with her teammates for the first time since returning from duty with the USA team at the World Championships in Brazil.

High-energy was definitely the theme for the night as newcomers Cait McMahan, Nicci Moats, Shannon Bobbitt, Alberta Auguste and Elizabeth Curry provided the first-timers zeal on every drill.

The enthusiastic start was not lost on the head coach. "I really like the look of this group," commented Summitt. "The first thing I noticed was their fitness level. They were very crisp in every drill.

"We're mobile and quick. I think they have a good understanding of how to dial-up their intensity level. Even without Sidney's presence tonight - I thought we looked pretty good."

To one rookie, it was as if she had been waiting forever. "What an overwhelming feeling," said McMahan, a 5'4" point guard. "It's all I've thought about - getting to play in this practice tonight. After missing out my senior year in high school to an ACL injury, it's great to be back on the court.

"This is the best ever!"

Fellow point guard and newcomer Bobbitt, a 5'2" native of Manhattan, N.Y., commented "I loved the energy and intensity of this team." A junior college transfer, Bobbitt said the transition involved learning "a lot more plays and different defensive looks."

The Lady Vols will return to the practice court on Sat., Oct. 14 at 2:00 p.m. in Thompson-Boling Arena. Tennessee's first exhibition game is slated for Nov. 1.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vols Land Five-Star Center

Kelley Cain did not intend it to happen this way, but, in one sense, she did. Her heart belonged to Tennessee. And when Duke coach Gail Goestenkors asked her where she stood on Wednesday, Cain told her.

Goestenkors was hoping to land her third five-star commitment in the 2007 class. Instead, Cain informed her that Vols coach Pat Summitt was gaining her second.

Cain just hadn't told Summitt yet. That was taken care of on Wednesday evening.

"I didn't plan for this to be the day," said Cain, who is from Atlanta, Ga., and is the No. 12 prospect in the HoopGurlz National Hot 100. "It just happened. I said, 'This is going to be my moment.' "

However it happened, it was going to be good for Cain. Her other two finalists, Duke and LSU, also were powerhouse programs.

"I just felt it deep in my heart," Cain said of opting for Tennessee. "I mean, they were all great schools. ... I was looking for a place where I felt comfortable, where I had good relationships with my coaches and somewhere that would prepare me for life after college, even if it's not basketball."

Tennessee, a team essentially built around Candace Parker, a player expected to be to the women's game that Michael Jordan was to the men, will have some exceptionally good pieces to put with her in a year. The Vols already had commitments from the nation's No. 2 player, Angie Bjorklund from Spokane, Wash., widely considered the best shooter in the country, and No. 37 Sydney Smallbone of South Bend, Ind., a four-star guard who also is considered one of the country's top long-distance shooters.

Those two should be strong complements to the latest commitment, Cain, who is ranked the second-best center in 2007 by HoopGurlz, behind only Jantel Lavender of Cleveland, Ohio.

"Cain has a great attitude and the best hands of any post player in the country," said Chris Hansen, National Director of Scouting for "She uses her size well and has good footwork. Defensively, she uses her body and is a very good shot blocker in part due to her height and length, but she also has great timing.

"Despite being an elite player, she still got better throughout the summer. She's very good now and hasn't reached her potential which should lead to exciting times in Knoxville. She's an impact player but not a selfish player in the slightest."

Cain cut her list of schools to three leaders in August, but says the trim only made the recruiting process more difficult, sometimes " really gut-wrenching." Which school she favored, she said, depended on what day it happened to be. Wednesday was just the right day to make her decision final.

As a girl who very well may major in math, Kelley Cain is counting on that.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tennessee Hosting Basketball Coaches Clinic

The University of Tennessee basketball programs will host a coaches clinic on Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28.

Head women’s basketball coach, Pat Summitt along with head men’s basketball coach, Bruce Pearl will spend time with coaches who are interested in helping their teams reach the next level of success.

Friday night’s session will begin at 5:00 p.m. with registration and include individual workouts and Q&A sessions with Pearl and Summitt, as well as a complimentary coach’s social at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. Saturday’s session will include complimentary breakfast and lunch as well as men’s and women’s practice sessions.

Registration deadline is October 20. The cost of the clinic is $75 per person for both sessions or $50 per person for Friday’s or Saturday’s session only.

Each coach will also receive a special gift from Pearl and Summitt, UT clinic notes and coaching packet, promotional booklet from many leading sports companies, and attendance to a sport apparel and equipment expo.

For more information, contact UT men’s basketball office at (865) 974-8344 or Lady Vols basketball office at (865) 974-0600.