Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lady Vols' Pat Summitt shows she's a winner

By Joe Biddle

This story was passed on by reader Larry Adamson, as it was told to him.

A daughter always took her father to at least one Tennessee football game a year, but it became more difficult when he was in his early 80s. There was the trip by car, getting from a parking lot to the stadium, climbing steps in the stadium, et cetera.

At one particular game, the weather was cold, windy with rain. They all agreed to leave about mid-way through the second half. When they reached the shuttle dropoff area, they learned the shuttle would not be running until after the game ended, and they had parked too far away for her father to walk.

A lady had been walking behind them, also leaving the game early. She overheard their plight and asked if they would like a ride, that her car was close. They accepted. She got her car and pulled up to let them get in. The lady's father got in the front seat next to the driver.

Soon, he asked, "Don't I know you?''

She smiled. "I don't know. Do you?'' He quickly figured it out.

It was Lady Vols basketball legend Pat Summitt.

Arriving at the family car, the elderly gentleman asked if he could have his picture made with Summitt. She didn't hesitate.

That's what makes Pat Summitt a winner on and off the court. Caring for others.

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